How We're Making 2017 Your Best Year Ever

As you know, Village Workspaces mission is to enhance the entrepreneurs creativity by providing customer support, luxury affordable spaces that make you feel like the entrepreneur rock star that you are.

We provide the top of the line gourmet snacks, wine, beer (Santa Monica Beer on Tap!) coffee, Espresso Cielo) Not only for you but for your clients.

* Fun fact: Did you know that the best way to close a sale is when your client drinks Santa Monica Beer on tap?


We've also created a sound studio.


Fun Quiz: Besides Village Workspaces, can you name a coworking space in Los Angeles that has a podcast studio?
Me neither.

Fun Discount: In keeping with our tradition of enhancing the entrepreneurs' opportunities, we are offering a substantial discount of 50% off your first month. Our memberships are a paid on a month-to-month basis. so if you're not happy after your first month with us, you have no obligation to stay.

To Summarize:
•We are offering 50% your first month of coworking
•No commitment (month-to month lease)
•Unlimited supply of beer, wine, coffee, and snacks.
•Your clients love you when you provide them drinks
• Maintain a quiet area to help you focus.
• Abundance of light, panoramic views that makes you feel on top of the world!Because you are.

Our locations

We have two amazing locations, one on the Westside and the other in Santa Monica.

Olympic Blvd

11845 West Olympic Blvd,

Suite 1100w,

Los Angeles, CA 90064

Phone. 424-625-9300


Santa Monica

212 Marine Street,

Suite 100,

Santa Monica, CA 90405

Phone. 310-450-7070