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4 Benefits of Co-working at the Village Workspace


Long gone are the days when you need to hold your meetings at a noisy Starbucks or feel isolated while working at home. Co-working companies like Village Workspaces, have emerged over the past few years to help entrepreneurs and growing startups to expand their social network and immerse themselves in an environment with like-minded businesses.

According to the Harvard Business Review, “Each co-working space has its own vibe, and the managers of each space go to great lengths to cultivate a unique experience that meets the needs of their respective members”. Here at Village Workspaces, our vibe is warm and dynamic. Our managers go above and beyond to ensure our co-working members feel part of a thriving, creative, and passionate community.

Village Workspaces asked our co-working members what they think are the benefits of coworking and these were the 4 most common responses:

1 . Flexibility and Affordability

If you’re a new startup, freelancer, or entrepreneur, the thought of committing to a year contract for a work space may seem daunting. However, at Village Workspaces, we offer low rent without the commitment. For example, having an office space or coworking membership at the Village Workspaces, gives you the freedom of a month to month contract. As a Villager, you have access to large conference rooms, fully furnished offices, complimentary wifi, coffee, snacks and beer. You ultimately end up saving money and are able to invest more into your business!

2 . Inspiration/Motivation/Creativity

Working at home can get old and your creativity can suffer. Fortunately, by working at a coworking space, you are constantly surrounded by others who strive to make their business successful and who can inspire and motivate you to do the same. Many of our villagers collaborate on different projects and use each other’s skills for business needs.

3 . Productivity

Are you easily distracted while working at home? Many people who use coworking spaces feel they enhance their effectiveness more than when they work from home. You can feel the fast paced energy in our office space in Santa Monica, which is often contagious. Coworkers feel like they work harder and faster in this energetic environment.

4 . Sense of Community

By working with and around other inspired and creative entrepreneurs, you are able to build connections, collaborate and absorb new ideas from different types of businesses . “Being a part of a coworking workspace has given us a sense of collaboration we wouldn’t have found had we decided on a stand alone space”, says Alana Littler, a Village Workspaces member. Village Workspaces will host events and happy hours every other week to keep the workspace fun and lighthearted while encouraging collaboration and building new friendships.

Coworking, especially at Village Workspaces, can be a great alternative to coffee shops or working from home. The benefits are enormous and you are able to become inspired and network while saving money. Please contact us at for more information on how to become a coworker at either our Santa Monica or West LA location.

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