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Meet Clover PR


Village Workspaces sat down with the Clover PR ladies this week and learned about their passion for PR and why they love working at our office space in Los Angeles

What made you start clover PR?

We founded Clover PR as a passion project after years working for bigger firms. We wanted to build a different kind of agency…one that inspired us, nurtured our staff and our clients, and was a culmination of our truest passions — health, wellness, beauty and making a difference.

What are the most fun bits of public relations and the most challenging?

Carefully curating a roster of clients who are so in line with our methodologies means representing people and brands we really believe in. Every success is a big win for the whole team and those moments are so rewarding. The most challenging part has been staying true to the work life balance that is so important to us. We continually remind ourselves to take time to recharge, even when we’re the busiest and to celebrate our successes.

How does being in a co-working space help your business?

Being a part of a coworking workspace, like the Village has given us a sense of collaboration we wouldn’t have found had we decided on a stand-alone space. We’ve had the pleasure of working with several of our neighbors on events, client projects and even sharing resources to maximize everyone’s success. Financially, it had been a wonderful office space for us as a new company and allowed to expand while still being conscious of our fiscal goals.

Do you find that it’s easy to build a business in PR?

PR is about relationships and for us, that part comes naturally. The media world is constantly shifting and innovating, so staying on top of new contacts and growing our social and digital strengths to stay ahead of the curve has been integral. Thankfully, our success had lead to a 100% referral only business up to this point, which we are so grateful for. It’s the biggest compliment we could ask for.

Where do you love to travel?

We love to travel to New York. It’s our home away from home and TriBeCa is home to our east coast office. Italy is another favorite. Heather’s family is from there and she’s getting married there in June, so we get to enjoy it in all its glory together! I recently climbed Machu Picchu in Peru. For us, anywhere we’ve never been is always a goal…. at least once a year.

What are you working on now?

We’re working on growing our team to be able to support upcoming new business, which is very exciting. At the same time, we’re working to nurture the staff we have and to constantly create an environment that makes them happy every day.

What are 3 things you love about Village Workspaces?

1) Collaboration

2) Location

3) The beautiful offices

*Clover PR recently launched Clover Cloth, an eco-conscious apparel line meant to bridge the gap between consciousness and cool. Keep it up Ladies!

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Our locations

We have two amazing locations, one on the Westside and the other in Santa Monica.

Olympic Blvd

11845 West Olympic Blvd,

Suite 1100w,

Los Angeles, CA 90064

Phone. 424-625-9300


Santa Monica

212 Marine Street,

Suite 100,

Santa Monica, CA 90405

Phone. 310-450-7070