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3 Ways to Improve Your Wellness Routine at Work

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Wellness at work, is something we all know the value of, but many of us find it hard to juggle with our day to day responsibilities. We’ve broken down three key steps you can implement to make it easier to take of yourself and your wellness routine – and be productive too!


It’s called a wellness routine because you have to practice it. This means making space in your day for wellness too, one of the best ways to do this is to start taking the time you need for self-care as seriously as you take meetings. Book space in your calendar at set times each week, once you start to view them as part of your day, a mental shift occurs which will make it easier for you to keep that commitment to yourself. You’ll also be surprised after a few weeks how much better you feel knowing you have time for yourself mapped out each day. When you’re working, make sure you break tasks down into manageable pieces and also start your day with the thing which takes the most focus, by the time you have that complete the rest of the day will seem like a breeze.


We all like to work towards something andhaving goals mean that after planning time to look after yourselfthat you know it has a focus too. It can be something simple, such as you’re planning time to bring healthy meals to work and you aim to lose weight because you’re eating better. It could be that you’re aiming to feel calmer by taking time to sit and eat your lunch away from your desk that you come back recharged and ready to work. Some people like to make their work environment more beautiful, or take a short walk at lunch and then track their steps for a very tangible result – some healthcare companies like Oscar even reward you with vouchers if you meet your steps goal. Whichever one you choose, make sure the benefit is exciting to you. Maybe you plan to procrastinate less so you can leave work on time and go to a movie or evening class, either way make it fun for you so the goal feeds your wellness routine too.

Unplug at Night

Your wellness routine shouldn’t end when you leave the office. One of the number one causes of stress is checking emails and social media late at night. Build in time away from your screen to your routine to make sure you benefit from a real break from work and can address any questions with a fresh head in the morning. One good way to do this is to address all emails before you leave the office any you can’t solve on the spot, mail to say you’ll be in touch in the morning. Then start the day addressing those queries and anything else of your to-do list. Even this small act of compartmentalization can work wonders. It’s also great to wind down in the evening with some yoga or meditation to help you brain shift gears too.