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5 Design Tips to Elevate Your Personal Office

The goal of any personal office is to create an environment where one is able to work effectively and efficiently. Just as design is paramount to a productive office and it’s employees, it is also key to your own private space as well.

1. Free Your Desk of Clutter

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A clean and minimal work desk will help keep your mind clear and focused. Try to keep any unnecessary items and trash off of your workspace to help minimize distractions and productivity loss.

A clean desk also means you’ll spend less time looking for something you need and more time actually working. That report you need wont be hard to find when everything has a proper place in your office.

2. Keep Your Office Comfortable and Inviting

While an office should be designed around creating and productive an environment as possible, that doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t be comfortable or homey. Adding furniture such as seating areas, paintings, and even some plants will help creating a relaxing environment for you to not only work in, but to take a break in as well.

We all have different interests we like to do in our free time such as reading or maybe even yoga. Try and find a way to incorporate your interests into your office such as a bookcase or a yoga mat.

3. Lighting is Key

The right lighting is incredibly important to a productive workspace and improper lighting can even affect your health. If possible, try and let in as much natural light as possible.

If plenty of natural lighting is not a possibility, you should opt for “blue enriched” lights. These bulbs mimic natural sunlight and have the added benefit of combating Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).

4. Add Some Color

Adding color to your office is a great way to indirectly influence your mental state and help promote calmness and well-being. Colors can have an impact on how we perceive things. Green feels refreshing and promotes good health. Blue is calming and also can cause you to feel more productive. Both are great colors to incorporate into your office, but feel free to do your own research into color theory and how it influences us.

5. Be Efficient By Keeping Necessities Close

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Functional offices are all about efficiency. Help promote this by keeping your necessities within arms reach. Stationary, tools, and anything that you tend to use daily while working should all be easily accessible from your desk.

No Space Is Too Small to Design

No matter the size of your office, these tips can all be applied in one way or another to help give you the best looking office you can, all while being functional and providing you with the space you to need to work more productively.

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