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5 Quick Ways to Make Your Work Environment More Beautiful

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Where you work can have a big impact on your attitude and productivity. Here at Village we believe a beautiful space is essential to doing great work and feeling positive so here are some of our favorite ideas to help you make your work environment more beautiful.


Adding plants to your workspace has multiple benefits, first they can improve air quality, which is an obvious benefit, snake plants are especially beneficial and easy to care for. Next there’s the benefits of taking care of something, tending to a plant is said to reduce stress and also looking after something daily helps you build a routine and a relationship with your workspace too. They’re also said to help reduce eye strain, time to stop by Home Depot or Rolling Greens on your way to the office!


At Village Workspaces, we often surprise our members by painting their space to give it a cheerful look and help boost morale. Color can boost productivity, create a soothing environment and make you feel more at home in a space too. If you can’t customize your workspace by painting, add accents with desk decor such as picture frames, plant pots, and stationery too. Even adding a colored cushion to your chair can make your space more comfortable and homely too.


A tidy workspace will help you focus and clear your mind to work. If you have to store papers or items which can easily look messy, invest in trays or folders to store these. Make time to clear things out once a week and it will help make your work environment more beautiful and stay neat and tidy without too much effort. Marie Kondo also recommends extending this to doing a digital declutter too, make time to organize your email into folders and set up apps to tackle tasks. Seeing an organized inbox will do wonders for making you feel on top of things.


Making a space feel like your own can create a level of comfort that makes work more pleasurable. If you hot desk it can be as simple as customizing your desktop on your screen with a picture of something or someone you love. There are even tools that will randomly change and replace it with a fun new graphic daily to keep things fresh. Add pictures of friends and family or favorite places to remind you of why you’re working hard too. Bringing happy memories into your space is great motivation.


The energy of a space is as much about who is there, as what’s there too. Ensuring you sit near people who stimulate and support you can make a huge difference to your enjoyment of work. The science of where you sit at work is a well studied one, and there’s even evidence to support that sitting near a high performer makes you better at your job. The best thing about coworking is that our spaces offer a high concentration of successful people meaning you’ll be spoilt for choice.