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5 Ways to Keep Employees Happy

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When it comes to running a successful business, there is nothing more important than keeping your employees satisfied. After all, TechRepublic reports that happy employees tend to be more productive and loyal. Therefore, it’s important to engage your employees and ensure that they’re comfortable with their roles and working environment, so that you get the best out of them.

Invest in their career

Regardless of whether it’s an average employee or someone in a higher position, offering everyone the chance to grow will keep them happy and eager to stay. For instance, be transparent with what they have to do to get promoted. Or, if they’re struggling with work, put them into a mentorship program to keep their confidence levels high and improve their overall skills. After all, every employee deserves the chance to climb the ranks.

Perform routine check-ups

In order to tackle employee retention, you must first get to the source. According to Comeet’s guide on employee turnover rates, gaining workers’ insight is crucial to see what’s really going on in your company. Conducting exit interviews is an important step when it comes to getting reliable feedback, and should therefore be standard practice for any company. That said, you don’t have to wait until the exit interview to get feedback. Routinely checking in with your team can go a long way in making them feel seen.

Periodically use co-working spaces

Seeing the four corners of your office can get a little repetitive and dull. Break up this monotony by offering your employees the chance to work at co-working spaces, whether it’s for an entire day, conferences, or just for meetings. Previous research we featured in ‘5 Quick Ways to Make Your Work Environment More Beautiful’ suggested that the places where people work have a big impact on their attitude towards their job. Luckily, those who work at co-working spaces have been shown to be more creative, more motivated, and just generally a lot happier. After all, besides having a more vibrant space to work in, your employees will get to enjoy other amenities like open plan working environments, a vibrant atmosphere, and high-speed internet.

Offer work from home

Between flexible work schedules and an improved work/life balance, there are plenty of reasons why offering remote work will keep your employees happy. In fact, a study from Zapier outlines that one in four US employees tend to quit their job simply because the company never considered offering flexible or remote work benefits. It doesn’t even have to be a permanent setup, as offering one or two remote working days a week is more than enough to allow them space to attend to personal needs.

Reward Satisfactory Work

Rewarding your employees whenever they perform well shows them that you’re paying attention to their hard work. True enough, Chron’s discussion on rewards and office motivation found that 86% of employees feel happier (and prouder) when they’re recognized for their hard work. Some things you can offer include, bonus pay, paid leaves, coffee coupons, and more.

Whether it’s by investing in their career or rewarding hard work, making your employees feel valued tells them that they’re an essential part of the company. Not only will this make them more motivated to work, but it’ll also make them less likely to leave. Though it might seem like a lot of effort on the company’s part, the benefits far outweigh the costs in the long run.