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Benefit From A Coworking Community: 6 Tips to Help You

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There are many reasons why a coworking space can be great for freelancers and small businesses. The largest draw of coworking for many freelancers and entrepreneurs is the community that a shared office space can offer. We scoured the internet and spoke to our community to find the best ways you can maximize your coworking space to bring you success.

1). Use it to make a great impression on future clients,

Your home office isn’t going to cut it when it comes to courting new business face to face. As one of our clients Bradley Gallo of Amasia Entertainment says, “Village Workspaces is a really gorgeous, sophisticated space, where we are surrounded by extremely successful businesses and creatives.”

Shared spaces have an energy and dynamism created by fellow entrepreneurs and coworking spaces take care of all your tech needs and provide refreshments so you can relax and focus on your pitch. It’s just one of the many ways you can benefit from a coworking community.

2). Add meaning to your work

Choosing to commit to a space for your work implies a commitment to your day to day and Harvard Business review also noted that people who use coworking spaces see their work as meaningful. It also means you have a clear separation between work and home which can help you leave stress behind and focus on work when you need to, whilst enjoying peace of mind too.

3). Use the natural opportunities to network

Coworking spaces are great at hosting events from informal breakfasts where you can chat over coffee to more formals events where you can learn skills or listen to talks from other members. Look for opportunities to promote yourself too. If there’s a directory of other members, look at what they do, research and  see if you can add value. If there’s a group message board, advertise your services and maybe include a special offer for your community to attract new business too.

4). Get to know the manager

There’s always a manager or team of staff who help keep things running smoothly and knowing them can make a world of difference to your experience. Not only can they be a resource for any problems that arrive, they also know the function of every business in the building and so they can easily connect you and help you make introductions too. Plus you’ll be their favorite when there are free snacks too!

5). Take advantage of a distraction free environment

Whilst working in your pajamas can seem appealing, you can very quickly start to blur the boundaries between your work and home life. Sure it might only take 30 minutes to do a load of laundry or tidy up but that’s also 10 emails you’ve not written. Coworking provides a clutter free space to focus on your business and helps you increase productivity.

6). Socialize

The best part of work, isn’t always the work. Socializing is another benefit from a coworking community. Feeling part of a supportive environment is essential to your wellbeing and having a friend at the watercooler can diffuse the toughest day. The other benefit is that typically work friends would all be involved in the same business. As coworking friends work across a wide variety of sectors they can offer unique perspectives and advice too.