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Welcome to Village Workspaces.

Over the past 10 years, we have quietly become LA’s leader in coworking and flexible office solutions by running our spaces like 5-star hotels.

Your property. Our experience and vision.

We specialize in office technology design, management, and hospitality.

Village Workspaces offers a suite of tools and services to help building owners and managers in all aspects of building renovation, promotion, management, and occupancy.

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Home to growing legacy of big thinkers.

Village Workspaces has a long history of hosting some of today’s most successful businesses, including Shopify, Soundcloud, Pinterest, and many more.

Companies that chose the Village talk about how it’s improved their overall work experience. Our service is superior to that of their hub corporate offices.

The fact that our tenants have made billions of dollars, whether from designing cars or making movies, shows how productive the work environment we’ve made is.

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Village Workspaces brings spacious and luxurious office space to the thriving and growing businesses in Westside LA, on the border of Santa Monica.

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