Coworking has long been a way to break the mold of traditional workspaces and they’re expected to grow by 25% through 2023. It tends to be a situation that benefits both landlords and tenants and also offers the flexibility that modern life demands. Coworking spaces diversify from traditional offices in a way that really makes your business stand out from the competition.

Traditionally it’s seen office space used in more diverse ways but now we’re seeing a new wave of disruption in this area too. One of the breakout locations is the house coworking spaces in shopping malls. For landlords this is a win as they fill empty retail spaces and tenants argue that being in a mall infrastructure offers many benefits to employees which make these desirable locations too.

Whilst the appeal of being able to pop to stores or restaurants on your lunch break seems very convenient it also means your entire day is contained within one space too.

Another disruption in coworking has been borne of out of frustration with high rents in San Francisco. Spearheaded by web developer Victor Pontis, WePark is a tongue in cheek activation that sees tech workers pull up in parking spaces and use them to work for the day. This approach is more of a guerrilla effort but there’s no denying it has started some sort of a movement with people exploring portable internet solutions to make it more efficient too. Coworking spaces diversify more than just traditional office building.

One question this doesn’t answer though is how a considered coworking space can give us greater feelings of wellbeing and happiness which is something we believe is essential to success. Here at Village Workspaces, all of our spaces have been designed with your comfort and happiness as a priority. Here’s some of the thinking we applied in doing this:

  1. Location – Not only is our office convenient for Silicon Beach and west-side meetings it’s also close to the Expo line making it a breeze to commute to downtown too.
  2. The Environment – Our space is located on the 11th floor meaning the building allows gorgeous panoramic views of Los Angeles. It’s also proven that natural scenery improves mood and makes you more productive, something you’re unlikely to find in a mall or parking lot.
  3. Technology – There’s nothing more frustrating than a glitchy internet connection when making conference calls, or not being able to connect to a screen for presentations- we offer high-speed internet and state of the link ups in our meeting rooms to make your workflow smooth and efficient so you can focus on impressing clients.
  4. First Impressions – We all know how vital a positive first meeting can be and Village is created to be a great space for you, but also a chic place to bring clients to as well. We display our tenants logos on our entrance wall and our waiting area is equipped with cozy couches and stylish coffee table books. Our meeting rooms are also light and airy to ensure every part of a visitors journey is seamless.

These are just a few ways we believe a dedicated coworking space offers more than the new alternatives popping up in the market, ultimately arriving to a destination office, rather than a mall or parking lot makes a stronger impression, guaranteed to set you up for success.