How to set up your freelance career to allow flexible work on vacation so you have more time with your family and friends.

One of the most appealing things about becoming freelance or starting your own business is the chance to set your hours, take more vacation and have more time with your family. That doesn’t ignore the hard work of building a business but it does mean that within reason you guide how your business grows and flows.

Here are some of the best tips we’ve found for making being a freelancer work for you so you can enjoy vacation time and avoid burnout.


Once you have some rhythm with your business look at where you can build in efficiencies, instead of having a slightly lighter week, look at where you can work a couple of extra hours and make sure to log where you owe yourself time so you remember to take it back. Our favorite time tracking tools include and toggl. Another way to plan is to use a paper journal, write a daily to do list, we love using a task pad and the satisfaction of seeing how many boxes you’ve checked off will be motivating too.


It sounds silly but it can tempting to get up and work in your PJ’s as a freelancer, punctuating the day with trips to the fridge. Those who have children will find they have more demands on their time but setting a time to be at work and active is important. This is where having a co-working space like Village Workspaces can be a real asset as the environment is designed to help you be comfortable and efficient. Once you have a routine, knowing where there is flexibility to take time off becomes clear and can help you avoid burnout.


It’s very easy to get swept up in clients demands or if you’re building a product feel like it can constantly be improved. Both of these are always going to be true so you have to learn how to help your brain compartmentalize. A great way to do this is to have a list of daily priorities, make sure you list non-work related tasks on here. Schedule time to work out and to take your kids to swimming lessons, it’s about creating a list of everything you need to feel happy and fulfilled. Another way to focus on your priority is to find a dream destination and make it the screensaver on your phone or laptop that way you’ll be reminded what you’re working towards.


Each month carve out a portion of your profit and save it, over time this will add up and become a vacation fund you can tap into to treat yourself. Even if you’re taking a staycation, meals and treats can add up and this will mean you can enjoy yourself during your flexible work on vacation without fretting about money. Some people like to set up their debit card to round off transactions and transfer to their savings account or collect small change and bills at the end of the week, those small deposits can easily add up and make an extra treat possible.