Lee Schneider’s writing career has spanned many industries since he started a number of decades ago. We love highlighting our members and their long and interesting careers. Lee began as a playwright in New York, then came to California and wrote feature films for Disney and television shows for various network, then transitioned into the news industry where he wrote for Dateline NBC and Fox News. Then, Lee worked in the documentary world, producing for the Travel Network, the Food Channel, and more, ultimately taking advantage of the podcast boom.

When you’re a talented writer like Lee, you can write your own ticket. And we have the pleasure of working with Lee at Village Workspaces in the latest iteration of his career, writing for podcasts.

Lee first got wind of Village Workspaces last year when a friend recommended our podcast studio to him. At the time, Lee was producing a few podcasts of his own as well as for clients. While Lee was recording with us, he pitched a podcast-related panel on diversity and inclusion within the podcast industry. As we are the coworking space to go to for your podcast needs, we loved Lee’s ideas and initiative so we jumped right on this opportunity to be part of the podcast boom.

We built our podcast studio, and the podcast arm of our coworking space in January of 2018, when we realized that the podcast industry was taking off. Since coworking spaces are meant to be an all-inclusive experience for members, we thought that adding a soundproofed production room would be an amazing asset to offer. And it has been! Many of our members have taken advantage of our podcast studio, recording interviews, narrative shows, and more. Our CEO and COO are also using podcasting to get their messages across, creating interview shows that highlight entrepreneurs around Los Angeles.

It’s been such a pleasure to watch Lee’s podcasting journey. At the Outlier Podcast Festival, which we held at Village Workspaces back in September 2018, Lee met many podcasters that inspired him. With his writing background, namely that he’d written for characters (Thundercats) and TV personalities (during his time at Dateline NBC), Lee was excited to explore writing for audio dramas. Lee’s favorite thing about the podcast industry and podcasting as a medium is that you can make anyone believe anything. With the right engineer and sound creator, you can be within a studio and also have one of your characters reach Pluto by spaceship. The possibilities are endless. 

Lee began to collaborate with Ever Gonzalez of Outlier HQ on the formation of FutureX, a podcast network focused on futurism and sci-fi shows. Lee and Ever officially launched FutureX via a fireside chat onstage at the Outlier PodFest in Austin in May 2019. Soon-to-be released FutureX shows include Soldadera and Privacy Pod. he Haven Chronicles, a popular audiodrama podcast, recently joined the network.

FutureX aims to connect the dots and to create a community around sci-fi and futurism. Previously seen as separate entities, FutureX aims to bridge the gap between sci-fi and futurism through both scripted audio dramas and talk-based podcasts.

Village Workspaces and the podcast boom have played an integral role in Lee’s creativity over the past few months. Lee cites the creative community as a catalyst for his ideas. Most days, you can find Lee standing at a standing desk, at our large south-facing windows, where he says he “feels at home.” Last but not least, Lee says that casual, everyday conversations with Village members are inspiring. That’s what we think coworking is all about!