Self-Care is the buzzword of the moment but massages and vitamins can’t undo the effects of daily stress adding up so it’s vital to ensure that you’re taking steps for good self-care at work to manage things as they come up to help you focus and feel amazing.

Pressure  can come in many forms but  as The Muse advises being proactive to manage stress can help you increase your productivity significantly. They recommend being organized, prepared, and looking for ways to spot problems and solve them because the more you can manage yourself, the more in control you’ll feel and the less your boss will feel the need to check in too.

Identifying Stress

Tool – Pen and paper might not seem the most obvious solution for managing stress but it can really help. Technology means we can be contacted at all times- if we choose to be and it’s easy to get caught up in being reactive and feel like you need to reply to a Slack notification, Asana or Basecamp notification, the instant you receive it which can quickly become overwhelming. Instead write a to do list first thing in the morning and set aside times to reply to messages  once you’re clear on what you need to do and the order in which it needs to be done. By setting your focus you clear your mind for important tasks first instead of getting caught in a trap of keeping up.

Taking Breaks – There are some days when popping out for your lunch break just isn’t an option but on hectic days it’s still important you practice self-care at work and grab a few moments for yourself to re- center and allow yourself a chance to pause too. We love’s 10 Self-Care moves you can do at your desk if you need a few quick fixes to help you calm down. Choose from yoga you can do at your desk, inspiring mantras to repeat or smart snacking choices you can make if lunch has to come from the office vending machine. If you do have time for lunch, make healthy choices of food rich in magnesium such as spinach, avocado or brown rice as these will help keep you feeling calm too.

It’s Good to Talk – Taking time out to chat to someone can also help, sometimes it’s a joke shared over a cup of coffee or saying hi to a colleague that can make us feel more connected and help distract from daily stress by making us more present.

After Hours – Whilst it’s great to have some coping techniques for in the moment, it’s also important to build a routine that supports good mental health too. Some of the most effective ways to do this are also easy to accomplish in 15 minutes or less too. Start your day with a quick HIIT workout to boost endorphins and set you up for the day. Keep a gratitude journal, the small practice of remembering what you have to feel positive about will help you have better self-care at work on lower days when you may not be able to see your accomplishments.Yoga and meditation can also be great tools and many offices and co-working spaces now offer these to help employees feel calm and centered too.

Don’t Make it a Chore – Sometimes all the things we need to do can mount, up even if they’re good for us. Be sure when writing your to do list or schedule that you book in some breaks and moments to do the things you need to feel good too!