Do you think you’re good at brushing your teeth? Do you brush your teeth for the dentist-recommended two minutes? Chances are… probably not. And I didn’t either until I tried the Shyn sonic toothbrush. We have a lot of amazing start-ups at Village Workspaces, but the shiniest by far is Shyn. I spoke with Jemie Sae Koo, Head of Brand Marketing and Partnerships at Shyn about this state-of-the-art, revolutionary new product and about what makes Shyn different from other toothbrushes.

We’re all looking to make our lives simpler and more streamlined in this increasingly busy world. Shyn’s sonic toothbrush does that by allowing us to customize our oral care to our specific needs and at about half the cost of other brands.

We always love highlighting our members and the amazing work they are doing. When I spoke to Jemie, she also made sure to mention what she loves aboutbeing a start-up at Village Workspaces. She’s a fan of the vibe of the space, the atmosphere, and the energy. She really enjoys the ability to network and to meet peers from other companies organically. And last but certainly not least, Jemie loves our weekly happy hours, all of the amenities, and the great staff.

One of the perks of working so closely with Shyn at Village Workspaces, is that I had a chance to test the toothbrush, and my favorite part of using it so far has been the different settings I get to choose from: teeth whitening, sensitive gums, and more effective brushing. It’s been a real blast. Plus, Shyn offers subscriptions to brush head refills at just $5 so you never have to remember to replace them, which has made my life much easier.

Shyn’s mission hinges on the idea that a healthier mouth leads to an overall healthier body. I learned while chatting with Jemie that around 50% of the U.S. population experiences gum recession, which can lead to gum disease. According to the American Heart Association, gum disease has been linked to other serious health problems, such as heart disease. Brushing with Shyn teaches us to create and sustain good oral care habits that also prevent gum recession. There are also obvious benefits to using this electric toothbrush such as a white smile and fresher breath.

While the product itself is premium, what’s even more impressive about Shyn is it’s larger impact, not just on teeth, but within the Los Angeles tech community. The Shyn team is unique in that it is extremely diverse and this was not an afterthought for the company. Shyn actively seeks, recruits, and hires people of color and women. It’s been proven, time and again, that creating diverse teams drives success for all involved and the business, and it’s clear that Shyn is invested in this effort.

Shyn is committed to creating a user-centric product, one that changes and adapts to the growing needs of its consumers. They even have a crowd-sourced blog, wherein they create content that responds directly to questions that their customers pose.

You may be noticing that in 2019, there’s an economy of convenience. We order from Amazon and expect our items the next day. We subscribe to many monthly services, which send us products right to our doors. Shyn is in on this too, sending us oral care products specifically brush heads on a dentist-approved timeline. I can tell you (somewhat shamefully) that prior to Shyn, I hadn’t been a regular replacer. Now, I am, and it’s time to Shyn!