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Byton is Changing Driving as We Know It

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The future is here, and it’s in the form of Byton’s newest car. Are you a tech nerd interested in the latest innovations in the automobile industry? So are we – which is why we were so excited when Byton’s User Interface and Design VP, Wolfram Luchner came to the Village last year looking for office space for his innovative team. He brought his international team to the Village, and it’s been a blast having them here. We’ve met amazing world-class designers who’ve come in for meetings and seminars, and we’ve really gotten to see first-hand what goes on in automobile innovation.

We wanted to get a sense of how a company like Byton thrives in a coworking space, and what initially made them want to rent space with us, rather than in a traditional office. Wolfram told Oli, our CEO, that Village Workspaces is a “very innovative product,” and that he likes “the whole vibe in here, especially in the community area.” This is a huge compliment, coming from a VP of the design of an international company!

Since Byton started at Village Workspaces about a year ago, they’ve grown a great deal; in the number of offices they occupy, in comparison to their competitors, and in their reach to potential customers. We were so thrilled to hear about Byton’s latest successes (including the unveiling of a touchscreen dashboard) on our local NPR radio station, KPCC.

You’ve probably heard of Tesla, the high-end electric car and energy brand led by prolific creator Elon Musk. Tesla has officially turned a profit on their high-end luxury cars, a milestone in the luxury car market that helps to pave the way for other companies producing conceptual vehicles. Many of these cars were on display at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this past January. Byton was there too, making waves with their incredible products.

At CES, Byton debuted their latest feature, a 48-inch curved touchscreen dashboard. Woah! That’s the size of 7 iPad minis lined up! This will come as a truly revolutionary change to the standard dashboard we are used to. My first thought was that I’m going to want to watch my favorite shows on widescreen TV while in the car! Since Byton has stepped onto the scene, they’ve released a series of innovative ideas that challenge the status quo of luxury cars. We can’t wait to see what’s next for them.

We spoke to Alex Crockett, Senior User Experience Designer at Byton, to find out what he’s most excited about for Byton’s future. Here’s what he told us:

Innovation. One of the things I’ve enjoyed about my career has been working in areas of innovation. Technology allows us to think outside the box and disrupt the status quo, improve the way we relate to and interact with the world. The automotive industry, in part, because it has become very traditional is now starting to see a lot of change. That’s exciting. People are asking a lot of profound questions about what the industry needs to become.
World View. The way people need to engage with mobility is different across the world. As a designer, it’s essential to be able to think beyond the interactions you know to those that others may want and a designer in an automotive start-up the need to consider broad is big. It helps us understand who we are and what we do.
Talent. It’s pretty simple… the business is drawing a great deal of skill. That means you have to be better at what you do as well.
Impact. There’s something pretty tangible about the effect you’ll have when you’re working on cars. When you know how many people are going to use something you’ve worked on, it’s not only gratifying, but it motivates you to be your best… not just do your best.
Getting Out 🙂 The only other industries I can think of that has as many events as automotive is fashion (including all the publishing around it.)