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Coworking Productivity Tips to Improve Your Startup

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Getting out of the house and to a new environment is a great way to focus on your business but did you know that 74% of coworkers are more productive too? We explore some coworking productivity tips so you can achieve this too.

Get happy

It’s a fact that happy people are more productive! Being in a community environment provides for basic human needs for interaction, stimulation, community and support in an organic way. If we’re not having to seek these out, we can focus on doing what we have to for our business without worrying.


Speaking of which, networking is also essential to productivity. It can be exhausting to attend conferences and meetups or cold call or email new clients. Coworking provides organic opportunities to network and collaborate to find new clients and develop your startup too.

Collaborate and be accountable

Collaboration and accountability are very important coworking productivity tips. When you work alone, the pressure can mount up, some studies even say it’s as bad for your health as smoking, but there are two ways coworking can mitigate this. Firstly by giving you the chance to be in an environment with others in a similar position and secondly by facilitating ways to collaborate through mixing with like minded people. There’s also evidence they make entrepreneurs feel more confident and that by being surrounded by other motivated people in turn you become more motivated too. People who are mission-driven gravitate towards these spaces and their passion and energy can be infectious in driving you to achieve your goals too.

Enjoy the ambiance

Chances are even if you have the luxury of a home office that it will only meet some of your needs. Whilst many spaces like this can be beautiful it’s likely that they don’t offer some of the comforts we take for granted in a coworking space, such as ambient noise. This may seem trivial but just being surrounded by people is one way to feel part of a community and supported which is vital to do good work.

Take a break

Another peril of working from home is the temptation to raid the fridge and it’s more common than you might think. Bon Appetit shared some some great tips on how to not eat everything from the refrigerator when you work from home, but most of their advice would be more easily actioned at a coworking space. Wellness at work is important. Top tips include drinking more water – easy when there is a supply of filtered water close at hand, snack on nutrient dense foods – again often catered for by coworking spaces and also to take breaks – something more likely to happen when you see other members headed out to lunch. One thing’s for sure, if you’re not boredom eating your productivity will rocket.

Get more creative

Another side effect of being part of a community of brilliant minds is that you’re exposed to new ideas and also stimulated to compete and the result? Increased creativity. The benefits of this are so apparent that Google and Zappos have trialled coworking productivity by putting workers in coworking facilities as well as building their own campus style environments to encourage this dynamic too.