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Coworking: The Right Move For Start Ups

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Coworking spaces offer incredible amounts of flexibility. With an annual growth projection of 17%, coworking spaces can be found pretty much everywhere. Having a space to work outside the home makes it easy to work in a hybrid work environment which can help keep your home feeling like home and create a mental transition from home life to work life while you commute to your coworking space.

Cost Cutting Solution

With many spaces offering included amenities, business owners can save on overhead and focus on the work that matters. Things such as rent, internet, electricity can all add up over time and potentially cause complications for your business. By joining a coworking space, much of those overhead costs pass over to your space provider, reducing your own expenses. These spaces also offer conference rooms to take your meetings and even podcast studios (something Village Workspaces provides as well).

Networking Opportunties

Small businesses generally suffer from lack of connections and networking. Coworking spaces offer an organic space for you to network with other coworkers allowing for chance encounters that could lead to great business opportunities. Here at Village Workspaces, we love to encourage this by providing monthly mixers and appreciation days for our members. Connections are an invaluable resource for businesses and Village Workspaces does everything we can to make it as easy as possible to make the connections that matter for you and your business.

Inspiration and Collaboration

Although coworking spaces aren’t the same as a traditional office, you can still think of your fellow members as coworkers. While not all coworking spaces encourage it. All good coworking spaces foster collaboration as the best ideas usually come with different perspectives and solutions. If you’re ever stuck on how to handle a problem, coworkers can be a great asset to your business.

Small business owners know the importance of surrounding themselves with different types of people and ideas. But it’s not always easy to find the right ones that will challenge our process and lead to great ideas. There are all different types of working spaces such as women-focused, eco-friendly, or entrepreneurial (like Village Workspaces). A little bit of research can turn up great results and help make the decision to join one easier.

A Space Designed for Work

All small business owners know how important it is to utilize their time well. Working in these spaces has been proven to help improve productivity by providing an environment that encourages creativity and innovation.  Village Workspaces was designed with over seven years of research done within the space and community. Every detail handpicked to offer you the best environment possible for your business to thrive. Every great coworking space should make you feel more productive just by being inside. Home, as we know, has plenty of distractions. When in a coworking space you can feel confident that you will be utilizing your time, energy, and even money at one.

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