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Customer Success – The Other Half of Business Success

In many companies success starts and ends with the closing of a deal. Particularly, those in the entertainment and tech sectors of business. Handshakes all arounds and congratulations to the sales team that made it happen, but thats not the whole story.

The Other Half of Success

Companies spend hundreds of thousands of dollars in branding, messaging, marketing, and sales operations to sign a client and then totally (or partially) forget about them.

Majid Abai, Chief Sherpa at Concept Rise

The idea that success for a business is measured on the amount of deals closed is a short-sighted way of defining success. As many of us consumers know, theres a lot that happens after the completion of a purchase. That’s where customer success enters the discussion.

An Expert’s Advice

Majid Abai, Chief Sherpa at Concept Rise, put it best when he explains that a lot of companies, upon closing deals, tend to forget about their clients. They are assigned account managers and customer support help but don’t see any real engagement beyond this. According to Majid, this is a lost opportunity for companies to view their customers as assets and an investment to be utilized. He states, “Companies that excel at customer success, think of the customer as a strategic investment. These companies invest in analyzing post-implementation customers’ journey, needs & pains, service expectations & touchpoints; and develop (or procure) products that can address those needs and pains of the customer and set up customer service models that anticipates the need of the customer.”

Customers are Always First

Investing time and resources into your customers’ success not only boosts their chances of being successful, but it also boosts their loyalty to you. Turning your customers into evangelists for your company is an important part of business. Highly satisfied clients and customers will advocate for your services and products to others as well, likely increasing the spending and business they do with you. Ultimately, customer success is your company’s success. Its important to remember that both go hand in hand.

Incorporating Customer Success Into Your Success

Once you understand that a business’ success extends beyond the completion of a sale, you can begin to focus on how to implement your strategy. Managing customer success isn’t easy, but is just as important as the sales and revenue themselves. It will require, resources, time, and expertise, but it will all be worth it when you start to notice that your customers are happier. Happier customers lead to higher customer loyalty and satisfaction with your products and services.

The Human Element

It may be hard to see how customer success can lead to better business relationships with your clients, but make no mistake, it can mean a lot. The human element is becoming more and more important to customers decisions in doing business with companies. Would you continue to do business with an internet provider if you were never able to get ahold of customer service and they weren’t handing off your complaints and suggestions to department who could improve your experience in the future?

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