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What it Means to Play Videogames Professionally with Flyquest

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Are you a gamer? Do you know someone obsessed with Fornite? League of Legends? My guess is that you probably do. These games, as well as a number of other video games, have taken off in the last couple of years, and have made their way into our mainstream society in many ways.

Here at the Village, we have a window into the world of e-sports and gaming through our members, Flyquest Sports, an e-sports organization. While many people know what video games are, I don’t think most people know that there’s an entire ecosystem, tons of competitive teams, sponsors deals, stadiums, and more, dedicated to e-sports. I’m here to break it down for you as best I can, through the lens of Flyquest.

First, some orientation.

When we talk about “e-sports,” that is equivalent to talking about what we call “regular sports.” For example, some e-sports include Fortnite and League of Legends, while some sports include basketball and soccer. Flyquest is an e-sports organization, which means that they are the organization behind the team of e-athletes. This is equivalent to the Dodger organization that runs of the behind the scenes of the Dodger NBA team.

Flyquest competes primarily in the sport of League of Legends. LCS, which stands for League of Legends Championship Series, is equivalent to the NBA, wherein basketball is played by many sports. Flyquest is one of the nine teams in the LCS league in North America.

Now that we’ve gone through orientation, let’s get down to the business of this. Did you know that e-sports organizations make money just about the same way that professional sports make money? That’s right, through buying into the franchise of the larger LCS banner. That way, Flyquest gets a cut of the revenue share. They also have sponsorship opportunities at the league level as well as at the team level. It was pretty fun last year when Flyquest was sponsored by Snickers, because that meant tons of chocolate at the Village Workspace.

Conveniently, the LCS Arena is located just down the street from the Village coworking space, which is partly why Flyquest decided to make the Village Workspace their home. In addition to the amazing location, Ricky Gonzalez, VP of Content of Flyquest, told us that working at the Village, shared office space is the ultimate collaborative space for him and his team. Flyquest has a number of departments including marketing, video and content creation, as well as the team members dedicated to preparing players for LCS games. Having offices at the Village, as well as taking advantage of our large coworking area, allows the Flyquest team to spread out. They can then work together in conference rooms or in their offices when they need to collaborate on projects.

Ricky also mentioned that the free coffee is a pretty great perk, too!

Now, if you love e-sports, or know a teenager who does, it is possible for them to actually make money playing video games. People get into e-sports in tons of different ways, outside of being a world-class player of course. Ricky got into the e-sports world via production and video, through the League of Legends Subreddit page. Otherwise getting into e-sports is possible through the normal slew of corporate positions in marketing, sales, HR, and payroll. Ricky says that working in e-sports is, “definitely fulfilling. We’re building a company in FlyQuest, but we’re also helping create and sustain an entire industry. Being able to help shape the industry meaningfully is something people don’t get at many jobs so I’m super grateful to be here. The people I work with are the best in the world at what they do, so I consider myself super lucky every day to come in to work. Wouldn’t want to work anywhere else!”