Office Etiquette

Village Workspaces works hard to foster an environment that is welcoming to all members and guests. In order for the Village to run smoothly for all who visit and work, we have created this policy page for you to review should you ever have questions about the do’s and dont’s of the office, and what our policies are on certain activities.

We Are A Community

Above all, Village Workspaces is a community of professionals all with the same goal. To get things done! While we are here let’s treat each other and the space with respect. While we want you to see Village Workspaces as a home as much as an office, let’s try and think about some behaviors that might be ok at home that would possibly be frowned upon in an office setting. This includes things such as napping and placing your feet up on tables and chairs. After all, the Village is everyone’s office.

Being a community, let’s all do our part to keep the office in tip top shape. We pride ourselves on providing for all our members and your help and cooperation while working here is greatly appreciated. Please be aware of the signs placed around the office and follow any instructions they may give. This includes things like placing your dirty dishes in the dishwasher when you’re finished as well as cleaning up after yourself when heading out for the day.

Language & Behavior

Please refrain from using abrasive language or language that others may find offensive while working within our community. We are a colorful community of individuals, and we might not always share the same opinion on topics. Please be aware of this when openly discussing or chatting with others in the workspace. It should also go without saying that any kind of verbal or physical harassment or verbal or physical interaction that can be perceived as inappropriate within the office is expressly forbidden. 

Using the Space

We all come from different backgrounds and cultures from all around the world. It’s a reason that makes the Village so much fun to work in! To help keep everyone on the same page we have some common rules for using the space that all members should either be aware of and/or must follow: 

  • The lobby/cafe and bar area are leisure spaces. Priority of these parts of the office are given to members who are enjoying lunch, conversing at acceptable noise levels, or relaxing. Work in this space is not prohibited but if you find some interactions in this area to be distracting, please feel free to work on the coworking floor or return to your office. If you believe that some interactions may be inappropriate or conversations are too loud that they are distracting from the coworking area, please let us know so that we may take care of the situation.
  • The Coworking floor is reserved for, well, coworking. Noise levels in this space should be kept to a very minimal level. Conversations are fine so long as you are aware of others in the space who are working as well. The coworking space is not a place to have open meetings while others are working. If the coworking floor is empty, feel free to take your meetings in the area, but still be aware of the volume. We do not want to police the level of noise coming from everyone so please do your best to be courteous and respectful to those who are working quietly.
  • Phone calls are not permitted in the coworking space. Please use an available phone booth, or quietly take it in the cafe area. If no phone booths are available please let us know and we will make accommodations for your call.
  • Phone booths are meant exclusively for taking calls. They are not meant to be used as ad-hoc personal offices. We aren’t currently enforcing a limit on time use for phone booths but Village Workspaces reserves the right to implement a time limit for them should it be necessary.
  • Meeting rooms must be booked in order to use them. Please do not use meeting rooms for impromptu meetings without booking or as private dining rooms. Meeting room bookings are fast and easy with the Village app and takes only a few seconds.
  • Taking lunch or snacks with your meeting is perfectly fine. Please dispose of all trash once you are finished.
  • The “Star Wars” room is a quiet space. Light talking is permitted, but please be aware of the offices near you when doing so. 

Safety & Security

We care deeply about the safety and security of all who enter our space. For our members, please do not let in those who you do not know are explicit members. Our office opens at 9AM and closes at 5PM. Day pass users do not have access to the space outside of these business hours. If you notice someone waiting out front of the office to get in, please do not let them in and inform them that they will let staff know that you are waiting. We will take care of them. Please also refrain from keeping the side door next to the Star Wars room ajar or cracked open.

If you are expecting guests or visitors please inform them that we will need to check them in at the front. Village Workspace has integrated Greetly into the office which allows us to notify you as soon as your guest has arrived.