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Frequent Q & A’s About Virtual Offices

If you are considering having a virtual office for your start up business or established business, this is something that will make sense for you! Having one is smart, easy and can make a positive impact in your business in how it looks professionally. You can also use your virtual office for meetings and videoconferencing. This gives you the professional look that you need to grow your business and attract new clients.

Why is virtual office a good idea for your brand or business?

A virtual office membership provides companies of any size with a professional
business address. It is the perfect work solution to get all your business transactions
done without the overhead of paying for physical office space. A great way to get
your business noticed to attract new customers. And for remote teams… all of our VO packages offer access to meeting rooms, lounge areas, bar amenities, and day passes for onsite work or team huddles. Our Business Hub enables you to process all your mail and shipping needs without having to wait in long lines at UPS or Staples store. Get brand exposure through our community and get exclusive invites to community happy hours and events. Work from wherever and pay as you go!

What is a virtual office?

An affordable business solution for companies big or small. It
provides you with a business address that enables you to use it on your
business cards, invoices, and more. It gives you a business address where all
your mail is delivered. When it comes to taking your business into the real
world, having a virtual office at the village gives you access to the tools needed
for all your business transactions.

How can your business benefit from one?

One of the most significant benefits of a virtual office is the savings from not
paying for a traditional office space. In addition, our memberships provide you with physical access to meeting rooms, mail and shipping services, lounge areas, and bar amenities while you wait.

Who needs a virtual office?

Virtual Offices are designed to meet the diverse needs of micro
businesses, freelancers, remote workers, entrepreneurs, start-ups, tech
workers, writers, designers and other savvy professionals. With services
that emulate boutique hotel hospitality and a location surrounded by
the unique Santa Monica beach community, you will thrive with
creativity and style.

How does a virtual office provide growth to my business?

Virtual offices let you work from home or on the road, giving your business
that physical address and access to other like-minded entrepreneurs. Join
our growing network of successful professionals for remote
collaboration—all while being part of an even larger community!

How does a virtual office work?

All of our memberships are month-to-month. You can cancel your
membership by providing a 30-day notice.

How much does a virtual office cost?

Our membership starts at $99/mo. It is easy to sign up just click

How do I get notified when I’ve received mail?

Our management platform notifies you when you’ve received mail and from
where. The savvy platform allows you to schedule pick up of your mail, request
for your mail to be forwarded, shredded, or scanned. All from the comfort of
your own home.