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In this blog, I’ll describe for you how the leasing process can and should be modernized.

How a Managed Lease is a Flat-Out Time-Saving, Hassle-Sparing, Money-Making Game Changer

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I wrote an article in Biz Now last week about how landlords must revolutionize the services provided by their buildings in order to reverse the rapidly growing exodus of their tenants. That’s why I believe future office buildings should be run more like hotels for businesses. Technology, hospitality, and flexibility must be at the heart of their offerings.

In this blog, I’ll describe for you how the leasing process can and should be modernized to meet the new needs of tenants in this post-covid, flexible era.

Also, the traditional process of locating and managing a new office space is frequently one of the most stressful tasks for businesses to undertake. It feels very much geared against the future lessee.

Not only is the activity exhausting, it also distracts from your day-to-day business operations.

Consider the many weeks spent planning and searching. Add to that, the fact that fitting out a space is a lengthy, complicated, and expensive activity that requires coordination between multiple contractors.

Everything costs more and takes longer than the tenant expects. Often, too many things are not executed to standards that were expected considering the amount invested.

In short, tenants of the future need the return to work to be less challenging and time-consuming.

The solution is simple and proven: a Managed Lease.

I want to spread the gospel about a type of lease you may not be aware of, one that has been very successful in the UK and works wonderfully well on this side of the Atlantic, too. It is called the Managed Lease.

A managed lease gives the tenant all the benefits of a flexible office coworking space without making them share the space.

Historically, clients have had to commit to securing a long lease then managing everything themselves if a private, self-contained space was needed for their employees. 

But with a Managed Lease, they get an outside team of specialists who come in and mange everything for them. From selecting, delivering, and designing a custom office space to overseeing all legal agreements with suppliers and contractors.

How clients benefit.

First and foremost, a Managed Lease saves them time, money, and hassles so they can concentrate on running and growing their businesses.

Moreover, a Managed Lease requires little to no upfront capital expenditure. Everything is included in the fixed monthly payment.

The managed-leasing team is, in effect, an extension of the companies and landlords. They take care of everything behind the scenes so clients can focus on their business.

The bottom line: because people today demand more good reasons to leave home-based work, a Managed Lease helps clients meet those demands and more.

Why it’s Seamless

Our interior designers and workplace strategists help tenants create a space that precisely meets their needs. It also elevates their brands and culture by delivering a space that increases productivity and flow.

In general, it saves the client time and effort because the infrastructure has already been set up to streamline the currently disjointed office-leasing process. 

More good news: clients can expect to be fully operational in their new space within 8-12 weeks.

All this is in addition to fully functional virtual-reception services, Internet, and tech support, as well as the latest in office-management software that opens locked doors and even orders fresh drinks for the conference room during the next product launch. 

Speaking of new, better ways to run a business…

At Village Workspaces, a leader in coworking office spaces, we have spent years mastering office design, management, and hospitality for our tenants. 

We are the experts in producing stunning, inspiring yet highly productive spaces for people like you and your team to work in – starting from Day One. In other words, we manage our spaces more like a 5-Star hotel than a traditional office.

We created this model of coworking long before Covid because we could imagine back then how such a system would benefit companies, employees, and even whole industries alike. Now that Covid is here, seemingly for quite a long time yet to come, the benefits of Village Workspaces to our clients have only multiplied. 

And in keeping with our goal of greater efficiencies, I’m signing off now, content knowing that you, dear reader, have learned the essentials of a Managed Lease and can now elevate your business by making the simple choice to go get one ASAP.