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How do you become a safe haven during a global pandemic.

How do You Become a Safe Haven During a Global Pandemic?

You focus on creating the safest possible place by factoring in all the many variables (from square footage to ventilation), then you pull out all the stops to achieve it.

But How?

First and foremost, you make it an absolute policy that everyone within your space is fully vaccinated. If there is resistance, address it respectfully but maintain the above-mentioned focus. Exceptions to the policy run a real risk of ruining things for everyone. It’s the difference between staying healthy and following your passion at work and being hospitalized and having your whole world turned upside down.  

Also, make special efforts to ensure that your workspace is well ventilated. Covid is an airborne virus that loves small, enclosed areas, but if your space has a robust ventilation system, you’ll be several steps ahead of the game. And if your space is large and expansive, you’ll be even more steps ahead. Social distancing suddenly becomes all the easier.

Yet another factor is a genuine buy-in from all who inhabit the space. They need to understand how serious this pandemic is, that in a very real sense we’re in a war (which the world is currently losing). Everyone’s cooperation is vital.

Other elements that help maintain a safe workspace:

It helps a lot, of course, if your member-occupants are well informed, aware, responsible and empathetic. The kind of people who work for companies like Shopify, Pinterest, Flyquest and Vox. People who understand the value of self discipline, patience and fortitude.

And while many others have scaled back protocols like hand sanitizing, you stick with it. You make sure that actions like that are readily available, and you don’t stint on quality. 

So how do you become a safe haven during a global pandemic? 

You do as the people at Village Workspaces have done, as outlined here. You’ll have a much greater chance of achieving what Village has – and that’s not one single outbreak to date! 

Protecting your community is one of the most important things you can do as a provider in the space.