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How to Improve Efficiency at Work

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Increasing your efficiency at work can be as easy as cutting out a few bad habits and implementing some new good ones. In this article, we will explore some strategies for how to improve efficiency at work that can help you form new productive habits. These will help you save time and increase your efficiency and productivity at work. 

Stay Off Your Phone & Away From Social Media to Improve Efficiency at Work

Most of us nowadays spend the entire day staring at different screens. While our work keeps us in front of our laptops or computers, and that may be unavoidable to some degree, other electronic and digital devices only act as distractions. Keep your personal cell phone in your pocket or in your purse on silent, where it can not distract you.

This may seem obvious, but people often keep their cell phones on their desks and will pick it up any time the screen lights up with a notification. Whether it’s a text message from a friend about weekend plans or a notification from social media, your phone only acts as a way to distract you. Social media platforms can even be detrimental to your health.

Social media acts as a way for people to portray themselves and their lives in the best light possible. People often use their profiles to highlight a life they live that is not entirely possible to maintain, but since posts can be infrequent and far in between, it is easy to go through someone’s profile and think they have it so good, why can’t you have it just as good?

The reality is that although someone may post beautiful pictures of hotels and beaches, they may not always be living the amazing life it looks like. It never helps to compare yourself to others, and social media is a medium to facilitate people doing just that. Clearing out negative thoughts of comparisons to others, as well as staying off the internet reading articles that do not pertain to your job can clear up a lot of free time and head space at the office to focus on improving efficiency work.  

Don’t be a “Yes” Man/Woman

At work, we often want to impress our superiors and coworkers by accomplishing as much work as possible, and helping others with as much as possible. Whether it’s social or self-imposed pressure, the urge to get everything possible done is often detrimental to your own productivity and well being at work. Focusing on things you are the best at, and are really in your wheelhouse is the best way to get things done.

We are so set on multitasking that we often take on work that could and should be easily delegated to others more qualified or more free to complete it. We associate “no” with failure or missed opportunities, but often saying no is to the benefit of everyone in the workplace. If your workload is already too big, saying yes to another task and not being able to complete it or do it to the best of your ability helps no one, especially not yourself.

You’re not doing yourself or anyone else any favors by taking on too much responsibility and work that you can’t possibly complete properly. That is not how to improve efficiency at work. Delegating smaller tasks around you and freeing up your schedule will allow you to focus on assignments that are more important to you or better suited to your work skills. Working on assignments that are tailored to your skillset will increase your productivity. 

Being realistic about what you can really accomplish at work will increase your happiness at work as well. It is important to set reasonable goals for yourself. The common misconception is that the higher you set your goals, even if you fail to reach them, the higher you will strive to achieve and the more you will accomplish.

However, the sense of accomplishment from reaching your goals can lead to an overall increase in happiness at work, which then leads to overall increased productivity. You need to take into consideration the amount of time and resources needed to reach your goals. When a goal is too far fetched, it is difficult to focus your mind on the concrete steps necessary to complete that work. 

Create a Routine & Improve Your Environment

The best way to improve your efficiency at work is not only to set attainable goals as referenced previously, but is to create sustainable habits. You must try to be efficient and productive all the time, not just during certain intervals when you are focused. Humans are creatures of habit, and creating a routine that puts you in the most efficient and productive state of mind as possible is crucial. Whether it’s working out in the morning or going for a walk during lunch to relieve stress, it is crucial to keep yourself in a positive state of mind.

Putting yourself in an environment that facilitates success is important. Currently many are working from home in environments that are not best suited for work. Going to a coworking space for a few days a week, sitting outside with your laptop for an hour a day, and keeping a clean workspace are all good ways to keep your mind fresh and maintain productivity. Having a routine to follow will streamline your efficiency, and changing it up once a week will challenge your mind and increase creativity.