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Interior design and the office

According to a study done by the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID), one of the top three influencing factors of an employee’s job performance and satisfaction, is workplace design. The research found that 31 percent of employees who were happy with their work had an environment that they considered nice, while 50 percent of individuals looking for work said they would choose an organization with an appealing design as part of their criteria.

Furthermore, did you know that poor lighting and bad color schemes in the workplace may also contribute to employee sickness and poor performance? The most common reason for employees to use up their sick days is due to headaches. Bad lighting, whether too bright or too dark, can cause headaches, eye strain, and decrease concentration on your work. Using the proper illumination level and a well thought out color palette is key to keeping those in the space happy and healthy. Here at Village Workspaces, we put an immense amount of time and effort into the design of our space to make it as happy, healthy, and focused as possible.

The Standard for the Workplace

Office design is an investment that not only adds value financially, but emotionally as well. Great design helps create productive and comfortable environments for business endeavors by incorporating sound design and intent for the space. An office is a place where people go to work and expect to interact with their peers. Depending on the time of day, many feel like they are partaking in some fun activities which can also add to a fulfilling work environment. The early 2000s ushered in the downfall of cubicles, as they become less popular, and employees began to prefer open floor-plans that allowed for more natural sunlight and better walkability within the workspace. Maybe, subconsciously, more human interaction as well.

Employers and managers should know that their employees want to work in an environment with natural light, living plants, and even fish. Therefore, for employees to feel comfortable and be productive at their jobs, it is essential they have the right tool and right environment, such as ergonomic chairs for comfort and plenty of windows for natural light. And why not? As temperature raise, having good air conditioning is a plus! Especially when its provided for you.

A Plan for Collaboration

The majority of offices today are open floor, with the intent of encouraging employees to be more creative and social, which can lead to improved happiness. However, if implemented incorrectly, it can lead employees to feel unproductive or, even worse – unhappy in their work environment.

The interior design of your workplace has a significant influence in many aspects of your company. It increases morale, productivity, and brand recognition while also boosting consumer and client confidence. If you’re ready to work in a space that incorporates excellent interior design with 5 star service, come book a day with us and find out what makes Village Workspaces the number one reviewed workspace in Los Angeles.