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Is a Virtual Office Right for Your Business?

Is a virtual office right for your business?

Many people find the appeal of a virtual office a solid option for them. The core benefits are more time spent with family and a work-life balance with fewer distractions. Furthermore, more and more organizations realize that they have an empowered workforce when morale is high, and employees are engaged in their jobs. This leads to increased productivity during those hours worked! With access anywhere at any point throughout your day, thanks to technology and powerful tools to help you stay connected such as Zoom and Slack, there is no reason why having a virtual office and doing remote work can work for you and your team. 

Who are those organizations looking for VO?

Organizations of all sizes realize can have a productive team with just one or two people sitting at an office desk every day – even at other on-site locations. Virtual offices also allow you to tap into pools of talent from around the world who may live far away. Still, they would otherwise never get near their workplace due to limited travel budgets (and sometimes even those closest are not always available). For businesses looking for dedicated employees, this option helps draw them into staying on board long term because there won’t be any need for bribing. 

Are there any benefits to having just a Business Address?

Virtual offices are the way to go for those who want an affordable and efficient work environment. Our Virtual Village plan gives you a business address, access to offices, coworking, meeting rooms by the hour or per day, and access to mail and shipping services through our business hub. Enjoy our lounge areas and amenities like fresh brewed Groundwork coffee or grab a light snack while you are taking care of your business needs. Having a business address in WestLA (borderline Santa Monica) gives you all the benefits of having a physical office without the overhead. 

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