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Los Angeles is re-opening but not necessarily as before

Los Angeles is re-opening but not necessarily as before

The “new normal” continues to evolve as the opportunity to re-open many business offices in Los Angeles County is once again emerging.

That’s because the number of reported daily COVID-19 infections has been steadily declining to the point that California now officially has the lowest coronavirus case rate in the U.S., according to the latest data from the C.D.C.

Indeed, our state’s COVID cases have been trending downward since a Delta variant generated a spike that peaked in the middle of August. This was disheartening because California had fully re-opened this past June 15th, lifting most COVID restrictions.

Luckily, we aren’t back to square one. With restrictions again in place (such as indoor masking requirements at public spaces for all, regardless of vaccination status), we’ve driven the infection rate to the lowest nationwide.

The question is: Will it hold this time? How many times do we have to touch a hot stove to know to stop doing that?

Coworking is Proving to Be a Very Viable Option

Regardless of how Los Angeles responds, business owners are realizing that they have to be more flexible and adaptable than ever.

For perhaps most, a mixture of in-office and remote employees strikes the right balance. Some, though, will continue to work entirely remotely.

The trouble with the latter is that many employees are starved for in-person interaction. We’re definitely social animals, and Zoom calls just don’t cut it for huge numbers of people. Reports of rampant depression and even illnesses attest to this basic human need to be near other flesh-and-blood humans.

There’s also the need among many people for structure, which is difficult to achieve when working remotely. The routine of going to a specific place every day to work generally has great appeal.

That’s Where the Concept of Coworking Comes In

Spaces such as the Village Workspaces in West LA, gives companies great flexibility because they can either go all in with every employee present or with some still working remotely. There’s a good chance that even with all employees there, it’d be far less expensive than their previous location is. Coworking spaces can be tailored to fit whatever the new normal turns out to be. Village Workspace offers offices to rent by the day for any size of team. Making the concept of short term leases even shorter. All as a response to the pandemic.

And who knows? This new normal that many fear could well turn out to be the best normal ever seen!