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Oli Barry Interviews With Andcards

Village Workspaces‘s owner and CEO, Oli Barry, recently did in an interview with Andcards. A software developer that caters to coworking spaces. During the interview, Oli gives a lot of great insight into Village Workspaces and what it takes to be the best coworking space in Los Angeles.

The Jump to Coworking

Oli mentions Los Angeles’s lack of chance encounters to be the problem that needed solving. That led him to transition into coworking. With the establishing of Village Workspaces, L.A. would have a top tier workspace and place for chance encounters. Since its founding in 2011, Village Workspaces have served some of the most successful companies in all of Los Angeles. Such clients include writers for award-winning movies and series. A-list musicians and actors, and even a company that sold for over $50 million.

Business With Integrity

The pandemic was a real litmus test to the integrity business have for their operations. Many companies let go of large portions of its workforce. Many others continued to put their employees on the dangerous frontlines as they continued business as usual with minimal health provisions in place. But not Village Workspaces. As businesses closed, Oli knew that businesses would not survive if they had to continue to make payments on space that they would not be able to use. Oli announced an immediate rescission on all member agreements. Saving dozens of companies from possibly going out of business. As Oli puts it in his interview, “The philosophy is that members’ success is the space’s success…”.

A Unique Approach to Coworking

Oli was asked in the interview what unique amenity Village Workspace is proud to offer. I think many will be surprised to know that it isn’t a great local beer, or even it’s podcast studio, but the team and Village Workspaces’s hospitality. Oli states, “We believe that our hospitality service is our most unique and significant feature. Providing an unmatched level of care and attention to our members’ needs is what sets us apart from other coworking spaces. Even with all the extra perks, it is our dedication to exceptional customer service that we take the most pride in.”

If theres one thing for certain, Village Workspaces provides the best flexible workspace environment in all of Los Angeles. Staffed by a top tier team who is there to help and provide for the Village and her members.

Boutique Coworking For All

You dont need to be management or a start up CEO to experience all Village Workspace has to offer. Coworking memberships are $350 and offer 24/7 access to the best views in West LA as well as a unique and research backed interior, professionally designed to provide you with the best work environment possible.

You can read the full interview here.

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