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Options Amid a Pandemic

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It’s the nagging question that just won’t go away: Where do you stand when it comes to
returning to the office? What are your options amid a pandemic?

Prior to the epidemic, many of us could never have envisaged a future in which we were not at
the office five days a week. Remote work? Flexible schedules? In your dreams. WFH forever?

No way.

For many people, remote work and working-on-the-go have been the standard for years, so the
past 18 months for most of them was a breeze — that is, if you consider lockdowns enforced by
a pandemic easy street.

Luckily Village Workspaces, and their CEO Oliver Barry, is now recommending and offering
packages and deals for anyone and everyone. Flexible options amid a pandemic, COVID safety procedures and regular disinfecting, office packages, hybrid desks, you name it.

Starting now even Village is offering desks and office space for teams of unlimited size, for about $50 a day per person.

It’s important that a space stays with the times, and The Village is five steps ahead. Nowhere
else would you find such affordable deals for a luxury office space, especially amid a pandemic.
Book a space for you and your team now, before every shared coworking space is full to the
brim. Don’t end up on a wait list!