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Reinventing the Purpose of the Office

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No Longer The Primary Work Location

Since the push to return the office began it has been a give and take as business adapt to employee needs. What were once previously seen as “nice to haves” for the office, are now absolute necessities. As employee adapt their work/life balance, offices need to adapt their purpose in company business models. It’s becoming clearer that the office’s primary function is no longer a place to work but a place to connect, share, and collaborate. A hub for workers to meet, exchange then return home to work. More and more emphasis is being put on hosting informal gatherings, impromptu luncheons and trying to make the office feel like a more natural integration into company culture and employee work lives, than a place they were essentially forced to be in.

The combination of a flexible workspace and technology allows us to embrace our collective human nature and bring people together. Employers need to think about how to satisfy the emotional needs of employees by providing an environment that prioritizes autonomy and choice while maintaining opportunities for collaboration and meaningful connection.

Balder Tol, general manager Australia & SEA, WeWork

Remote Work And The Incoming Workforce

Of course you will have employees who are adamant about being completely remote. But there are some things that Slack, Teams, and Zoom (as great as they are) cant fulfill through virtual means. And that is an inclusive and welcoming environment for all employees. Remote employees are as vital as any other to companies. It is important that leadership takes the time to check in on their employees and make them feel valued.

According to Entrepreneur contributor Heidi Fung, Gen-Z will make up 30% of the workforce by 2030. A significant portion of the workforce. It is paramount that business understand the needs of their future employees. Feeling like part of a community and being valued being some of them.

Now is the time to implement changes that benefit the whole organization in terms of productivity, creativity, and well-being and repurposing the office as a space for collaboration and productivity and injecting greater flexibility into your working policies is key to surviving and thriving in the future of work.

Balder Tol, general manager Australia & SEA, WeWork

Its Time For Change

Office culture is changing for the better and offices are evolving away from being these bleak centers of labor into pleasant centers to relax and adjust. The hybrid model is here to stay. Offices shouldn’t hold on to the past. It’s important now more than ever that companies and building managers adapt to the new way of working.

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