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Running a Successful Flexible Workspace From A Coworking Expert

A flexible workspace is more than just an office. Its a complex ecosystem involving the space, its members, and the team who run it.

Designed for Productivity

A lot research has gone into understanding how coworking and flexible workspaces operate and how to best design them. The design of the space itself is very important, and does factor into the productivity of those who work in them. In order to run a successful flexible workspace, its important to understand how people work. Do we work best in a quiet areas? Does music help our focus or distract? Do we like to work alone or around others? A well designed flexible workspace will have the capability to accommodate any work style. Co-founder Dr. Sophie Keller, a self-proclaimed expert with 10 years experience in coworking spaces, helped meticulously design the look and feel of Village Workspaces. Through her expertise and knowledge, Village Workspaces is recognized as one of the top designed flexible workspaces in Los Angeles.

Impeccable Hospitality

Probably the most integral part of a successful flexible workspace is the service provided by the staff. With so many coworking offices available, it can be challenging to find one that truly grasps the idea of successful coworking. In addition to that, it can be almost harder to find an office with a staff that takes their member’s specific needs into consideration. Theres a fine balance between multiple locations and the service those locations can provide.

At Village Workspaces, we pride ourselves on offering the best hospitality of any flexible workspace. As experts in the field of flexible workspaces, we understand the value great hospitality and service. Value that can take a space to the next level. Far too many coworking businesses put an emphasis on multiple locations over the service they provide. This can lead to poor member engagement and even some frustrating scenarios. For example, members who don’t feel heard at their place of work or feel they aren’t getting any value from the space. Never underestimate the power of greeting your members by name and providing a favorite snack for them that they casually brought up in conversation to you once.

A Genuine Team

The last important piece to a successful coworking space, is a great team led by great management. Every member of the staff should understand that success is dependent on member happiness. This comes in many forms such as engaging members in conversations and taking genuine interest in their concerns or issues within the office. As a team, communication is your most important tool for delivering on that member happiness. The team should also have a genuine desire for service and hospitality. Its the little things that make all the difference. Engaged and happy employees will happily and organically engage with members leaving plenty of opportunity for personal touches that members appreciate.

It should go without saying that management should also take stock of their teams strengths and weaknesses, and direct their team accordingly. Having the right team member in charge of the right duties ensure job satisfaction and top quality work. It is so important that management makes sure their team feels valued and are working on projects and tasks that they find fulfilling as their enjoyment will shine through in their interacting with both members and team.