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Technology’s Role in Coworking Spaces

The importance of technology cannot be understated when it comes to it’s place in flexible workspaces. Technology’s place in coworking spaces has been solidified with the advent of permanent remote work and WFM arrangements.

Automating Systems and Processes

Technology is important because using it for automation aims to free up time teams have. This gives teams more time to focus on other more important tasks. Things such as interacting with members, planning strategies and setting goals can be accomplished much easier with automation. In addition to this, members of coworking spaces demand more from their place of work. A frictionless experience enables members to focus on their work and not on having to locate staff to schedule or book a meeting room. Tasks such as checking in guests, booking meeting rooms, and notifying members can all be automated, providing a more enjoyable experience for members.

Controlled Access and Security

One of the best ways to utilize technology in the coworking space is in the securing and access of the workspace itself. The great thing about technology is that it evolves and grows exponentially. This means cyber security and the tech that runs it will only continue to get better. Harnessing this technology can make it easy to maintain who has access to what spaces. Currently, Village Workspaces utilizes a few different security system to make sure our members and our guests are safe.

Streamlining Purchases

As previously mentioned above, technology can help provide members with a stress free way to interact with different aspects of the coworking space. In addition to booking meeting rooms instantly, the purchase can also be finalized in the same interaction. Of course there’s a fine line between, automating everything and losing that human element, and spending unnecessary time up front. Automating this aspect of the office offers a lot more benefits than it might take away.

Leveraging Analytics Technology

Data and analytics play a huge role in helping drive businesses in the right direction. It is here that technology can best be put to use. Data collecting, aggregating, and organizing it in a way that helps us understand it. This can be incredibly time consuming if you are doing it manually with spreadsheets. Technology was built for handling this type of work so leaning into technologies such as CRMs, data services, and relevant application platforms to automate important analytical information such as P/L reports and numbers of active members.

What’s Next

As technology continues to advance so to do the businesses that utilize it most. Coworking spaces are perfect for propagating new tech. These spaces tend to have many different individuals with many different wants, needs, and backgrounds. An ideal environment to develop new technology and even develop tech specifically for the space. Village Workspaces finds itself on the bleeding edge of coworking technology as we look to merge our love of technology with our expertise in coworking spaces. The future is looking very bright for not just technology in coworking but technology that helps us all live better more fulfilling lives.