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The benefits of being part of a work community

Community is an essential aspect of any workspace. After all, employees spend most of their time at work, so it only makes sense that they want to feel like they are part of a community. A community at work can provide employees with a sense of belonging, purpose, and social support. It can also foster a more positive work environment and increase employee engagement. Additionally, communities can be educational, providing employees with access to expert knowledge and resources, and opportunities of collaboration. Ultimately, building a sense of community in a workspace can help to create a more positive and productive work environment.

What is worse than feeling lonely at work? 

According to the report by Cigna, loneliness can lead to mental health issues. Unfortunately, more than a third (36%) of us experience an emptiness or disconnection while working; this is more likely if our coworkers have bad relationships with each other too! So make sure you surround yourself with good vibes and supportive attitudes so that your time on task won’t seem like such a strenuous effort—you deserve it after all those long hours spent stuck indoors, especially during those winter months where everything seems gray.

So many are still working from home when possible…

That doesn’t mean you should neglect your relationships at work. The role of the desk has changed, as we’re no longer just working on spreadsheets by ourselves. Instead, our time in the workspace should be used as a chance for building community and strengthening relationships within teams. When getting proper support from coworkers and management, work doesn’t feel so much like work!

Community is a Powerful force in the Workplace

It can bring financial benefits to your company and create an environment where employees feel connected and engaged with their work responsibilities. They will feel confident that they are part of something bigger than themselves at every stage of their journey. From conception through execution—from planning meetings via team building events all leading up until closure when people go off into different directions after reaching milestones such as finishing projects or goals set forth within this cocreation space!

Here are 4 ways to Build Community at the Workplace:

  • Make Employees Part of the Conversation
  • Encourage Colleagues to Share Their Skills
  • Maximize Engagement and Strengthen Bonds
  • Facilitate Group Activities Outside of the Workplace

Community at the Workplace

Building an excellent work community starts from the top. For Village Workspaces, it begins with Oli Barry, Founder/CEO of the Village, who greets everyone with a smile as he walks the hallways. The entire team’s personal touch is seen throughout daily with 5-star customer service. In addition to greeting members every morning by name as they walk through the door, the staff at Village takes the time to know each member’s likes and dislikes. We also celebrate every member’s milestones and birthdays. They’re an extended family to the entire team here while we work. 

Coworking community environment that Village Workspaces is another reason why you should choose coworking