The Space

to stretch your legs/mind/wings
to get major s*** done
to connect the (invisible) dots
to plot what comes next
to embiggen your reach
to let your genius out to play.

We’re nerdy enough to think the VR walkthrough above is cool—but truth is, you really should see the workspace yourself.

We put some thought into this.

In designing a space for grownups to do grownup work, we opted to skip the swingsets and ballpits that make some coworking places feel like a school playground.

On the other hand, we did spend a lot of time thinking about fostering collaboration among small teams. Carving out quiet areas for focused work. Making the most of our spectacular views. Configuring layouts to support your company’s growth. Adding amenities that are normally available only to larger companies. Crafting an airy, comfortable environment that feels immediately inviting and inspiring.

And still

Built-in media-savvy.

A fully-equipped podcast studio. A ten-seat screening room. Video and audio conferencing for one or for a group. WiFi everywhere.

Le Café du Village.

We don’t actually call it that, although it does have café-caliber coffee. Also complimentary cappuccino, tea, wine, and beer on tap. And snacks.

There’s also a Darth Vader toaster, which isn’t very French at all.

Types of rooms we have.

A short list. Excludes elevators.

28 private office rooms (various sizes)

5 personal office rooms

1 big communal coworking room (with view)

1 small Star Wars-themed lounge room

1 podcast production room

1 media screening room

3 AV-equipped conference rooms

4 private phone and video conference rooms

1 coffee/snack/tap room 1 kitchen room

1 printer/snail mail room

1 reception room

2 bathroom rooms