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Tips For Making Work, Work During The Holidays

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The holidays can be a stressful time for many of us. Between, work, preparing for Thanksgiving and Christmas, gift shopping, and cooking, it seems like there isn’t enough hours in the day to get everything done. We’ll we’re here to help make the holidays work better for you!

Don’t Forget To Look After Yourself

Yes, I know this is definitely a lot easier said than done. Especially when so many of us are use to running at 110% every day. Take the time to slow down and take mental stock of how your are doing and if important needs are being met. Have you taken a relaxing hot bath or shower lately? Caught up on an episode of your favorite show you missed? When we forget to take care of ourselves, it starts to weigh us down and the holidays are a time to be grateful for all that we have and to spread joy in our lives. Let’s try and start with ourselves!

Try and Celebrate When You Can

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to celebrate on the typical day of holidays. Opening gifts under the tree a few days before or after Christmas isn’t going to cause the world to end. Nor will eating a grand meal the following Sunday after Thanksgiving is celebrated. Try and speak with friends and family and try to make arrangements to celebrate when everyone can be there. Seeing the smile on loved ones faces in person as they open presents is much better than a zoom call from the office on Christmas day. Being present for those special moments is what matters. Not stressing over wether or not you can make it on time. Celebrate when you can with who you love and don’t forget to be present in the moment!

Make the Most of Spending the Holidays With Coworkers

Whatever plan you may have made to accommodate working on the holidays, the day will come when you are at work for some of them. As with most things in life, when work hands you lemons, make lemonade. Having a salty attitude at work in no way to make the most of your time there. Try to make that time with coworkers count. Maybe eat lunch together and talk about your holiday plans. Secret Santas are a great idea to connect with coworkers during the holidays as well. Theres something special about making someones day, especially during the holidays. Try and make the best out of a bad work situation. That shift will fly by!

Try and Make a Positive Impact

With so much of the holidays revolving around ourselves and our plans, its easy to forget that there are others who aren’t fortunate enough to see their families on the holidays, or are well off enough to even buy gifts for them. Take the time to reflect on the that. A lot of us are very fortunate to have a family to visit or even a home to come back to. Try and make those connections with customers and coworkers matter and make them special. A “Happy Holidays” or even just helping a customer load their car up. The holidays can be rough for some. Small gestures can mean a lot to someone so try and keep that in mind.

The holidays bring people together and so does Village Workspaces. If you find yourself needing space to work or meet during this time, book a workday or meeting with us here.