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Upgrade Your Hybrid Meeting Experience with Tech

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As hybrid work continues its more important that the technology you use to stay connected bridges the gap of WFH and the office.

Hybrid Work Continues

The hybrid work experience continues and as with most things in life, necessity breeds innovation. The move to hybrid meeting for both remote workers and hybrid employees is providing necessary and convenient communication with their teams and is important to manage when away from the office. Regardless if you work at the office a few days a week or are completely remote, it’s important that all parties involved have as seamless an experience as possible.

Communication Technology is Key

Communication platforms and file sharing continue to be the lifeblood of hybrid and remote employees. It is a necessity that businesses are equipped and continue to support and ensure these technologies are available to their employees. Video meeting are crucial for connecting colleagues, partners, and clients; but what are the essential technologies, tools, and infrastructure that organizations should keep in mind?

Whatever the technology, meetings, should be as easy as stepping into the meeting wether remotely or not. The key differences is making those attending remotely feel involved and not merely a passenger.

The User Experience

Consistency is key. Technology should be in place that allows for same experience every time. Using a board room sized space should be just as easy to navigate and interact with as a small huddle room. It’s important that any systems or tools implemented in these rooms remain the same throughout the same. It may be easiest to implement technology already out there and that users are familiar with such as Microsoft Teams or Zoom. Too much variation can lead to underutilized features and a poor experience for users and attendees.

Security and Easy Connections

With the continuing of hybrid working, its important that businesses understand their network connections as well. More technology being introduced and businesses need to be aware of it’s maintenance. This is where cloud systems and managed services can support companies with quick updating of software and features. When it comes to the rooms themselves the emphasis is on flexibility with thought and care put into long-term strategies.

The Future is Here

Hybrid work environments wont end. As businesses evolve, so too does Village Workspaces. We look forward to the new group of business. We are the top rated space in the area, and we look forward to you joining our space soon.