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How Coworking Makes Freelancers Healthier

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Coworking attracts entrepreneurs and freelancers because it offers support and structure for their work, but could there be more to it than that? Can coworking help you create a healthier lifestyle too? According to research the answer is yes! Here’s how coworking makes freelancers healthier.

Coworking does make people happier and healthier and there are many reasons why this is the case. In 2014 research agency Globoforce surveyed hundreds of workers about work culture and relationships and how they impact them. They discovered 89% of people are happier when coworking, 83% are less lonely and 78% maintain their sanity through coworking too. With stats like this it’s clear the benefits can be huge!

In NYC, coworking spaces that focus on health and wellness and integrate yoga studios and meditation dens into the environment are now popular. This holistic approach to wellness is not exclusive to these types of spaces, many coworking spaces offer spaces dedicated to meditation and quiet and also regular guided meditation sessions to help people new to the practice to learn techniques to manage stress too.

It’s often said that well managed coworking spaces offer the benefits traditional HR does without any of the negatives. They do this by looking at how to create environments that support community, offer privacy and take care of their clients needs. Because coworking is focused on their tenants, the environment and perks are geared towards the individual rather than the company meaning your happiness is front of mind in every choice that’s made, from what chairs to buy, to what snacks to have and how the space is designed.

The way coworking is established it also allows you access to beautiful spaces you may not be able to afford as an individual, here at Village Workspaces for example we offer panoramic views of Los Angeles which would normally be out of range for a fledgling startup. This extends into technology, meeting rooms and amenities too. This means you get peace of mind there will always be a meeting room with a working screen and we even cater to businesses that may want a place to podcast too – a rare perk and previously exclusive to recording studios.

It’s not just access to facilities that contributes to greater wellbeing in coworking spaces though, its access to people too. Another way coworking makes freelancers healthier is by creating a destination for like minded, driven people it would otherwise be hard to meet, we create community and support for our members and remove the loneliness associated with working from home that can be detrimental to productivity too.

The most common fears of launching a startup often center around cost, not being able to deliver, not knowing how to do what you want to and being lonely. Coworking spaces naturally address those concerns and surround you with people who are dealing with the same thoughts and fears but also more established founders and workers who have great advice to impart. One thing is sure, you might not get to show up in your pajamas but the benefits outweigh working from bed every time!