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West LA’s Village Workspaces Transforms The Business Lives of Young Entrepreneurs

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In the 21st century, coworking and shared work spaces have truly become a vital component for taking brands and businesses to the next level. Smaller start-ups and freelance entrepreneurs have found it both beneficial and enlightening to come together to work toward their independent goals, while still reaping the benefits of working in a traditional office setting. West LA’s Village Workspaces is helping young entrepreneurs to level up.

At West LA’s Village Workspaces, some of the industry’s top writers, producers, and budding entrepreneurs find the solace they need to combat the common mental struggles many face when working from home. Aesthetics and the right work atmosphere can play a huge role in being productive as Cory Goodman of Morning Ghost Production and writer of Underworld: Blood Wars goes on to explain:

Some of the features that I liked about the space, first off it’s drop dead gorgeous. I mean beautiful wood floors, gorgeous art on the walls, and there’s just a nice open feeling. It’s a kind of space you want to be in but it’s not like you’re sitting in some drab cubicle in an office space. Again it’s very warm, it’s very inviting, it’s very inspirational, and it’s beautiful. It’s just the kind of place you want to be. Some things that I love are the real comfy, cozy, and cool furniture that’s sitting around, fantastic snacks everyday and just the warm atmosphere of the people that are drawn to this space, it’s a really nice community.

Yvonne Choi, Co-Founder and CMO of Mogul, a tech platform that provides reservations and talent solutions, seconds the notion that the cohesive environment found at West LA’s Village Workspaces can improve day to day operations when launching a major brand:

Since moving here 2 months ago, we’ve basked in the sunshine and luxury antique design space, as well as the artisan coffee and events that take place every week like breakfast and happy hour. All of these activities and the vibe has always sort of injected a magical elixir of well being and happiness, and also as an Asian, fortune and prosperity.

While the aforementioned benefits of coworking at Village Workspaces have transformed the business lives of these two budding entrepreneurs, seasoned producer/director Bradley Gallo says it’s the community atmosphere, overall layout, and staff that attracted him to the space:

I think the staff is very kind and respectful. In terms of the space itself, I can go to a quiet room and have a meeting with somebody or I can go into a conference room or phone booth. I love all the events that they diligently plan. They’re great for networking and it’s just a great environment. I’ve always liked it and it’s less expensive than traditional offices, but with more space. I’ve had many reasons to put two companies here, so it’s been fantastic.

While some of these benefits have to do with growing your business financially, some can be found in less tangible ways, and those benefits are what add up to take your business to new heights. This all makes West LA’s Village Workspaces a great solution for the entrepreneur looking for an all-in one space to flourish and prosper.