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What does it Take to Be LA’s Best Reviewed Workspace

Modesty forbids us from actually naming this innovative, long-established company, but hopefully once it’s described, you’ll know who we mean.


So what sets this coworking company apart?

One big reason for such lofty recognition is their extreme customer-orientation. Management falls all over itself to do everything possible to provide its  members  with a tailored and personal experience. 


To wit: how many other coworking companies have their spaces conceptualized and designed by a wellbeing expert who holds a Ph.D in the field? Each office is specifically laid out according to the personal and professional needs of its occupants.


And with how many other coworking companies can you elbows with innovative leaders in PR, technology, the entertainment industry and entrepreneurship? 


Measuring Success…

This coworking company arguably hosts the greatest concentration of success per square foot than any other competitor! Judging their own Business not by their revenue per square foot but rather by their members achievements and accomplishments.

http://www.villageworkspaces.comIt has been the home to industry giants such as  Shopify, Billie Eilish Management, Pinterest, and Netflix’s Selling Sunset. So no wonder you feel a huge buzz of creativity whenever you enter the building! 


Oh, and the amenities! 

Let us count the ways: from the incredible, 11th-floor views to the  bar area… from the free-to-use AV equipment to the spacious lounges… from the complimentary refreshments (coffee, tea, wine and beer) to the option of working in different areas throughout the day.


So, in answer to the question posed by the headline above, it takes a Village with a lot of creativity, passion, commitment, generosity and awareness, culminating in a genuine desire to fashion a veritable worker’s utopia.


How then to identify and locate this company of companies? Simply hit “Refresh!