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Why You Really Will Thrive in a Co-Working Space

People who work in a co-working space report higher levels of productivity than those who work at an office. People who belong to co-working memberships rate their rate of getting through their to-do list at a level 6 out of 7.

Workspaces Designed For Productivity And Collaboration

Coworking spaces offer a unique environment compared to traditional offices. They give people the sense that they are working in a collaborative and comfortable space and are not alone! And you know the phrase “loneliness is the new smoking’? Well, that’s what I’m talking about.

Feeling balanced is made possible since co-working spaces provide different atmospheres with their own distinct vibes and communities which allow users to socialize with like-minded individuals to work together.

Woman working in a coworking space

A Better Way To Work

Within co-working spaces, there’s always the opportunity for networking and meeting new people – whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur, freelancer, or attempting to further your career. Even if you don’t have your own office, with a co-working membership your work life will still feel more balanced – especially when surrounded by other creative-minded people who are striving for greatness.


You’ll have a supportive community and more freedom than you ever thought possible making things get done easier. 85% admit that this type of membership helps them stay motivated. As many work-from-homers know all too well, having freedom over when and where they work is invaluable, not to mention the feeling of being better suited to get their work done. So do your cape; it’s time to feel the power of co-working!

Coworking spaces are the key to ultimate productivity success. Got a killer idea at 2:00 am? Village Workspaces offers their members 24/7 access whenever you’re feeling creative or inspired to work you can do it on your own terms. With co-working, you’ll never go back to standard business hours again.

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