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Work transition to an office after a pandemic.

Work Transition to an Office After a Pandemic

In the wake of COVID-19 restrictions, many are preparing to go back into an office. But, are you one of those who feels stressed or concerned about returning full-time? A survey conducted among 4,500 employees in America and four other countries found that every person reported anxiety over going onto their office premises again. Meanwhile, companies like Tesla are now starting to enforce a 40-hour in-office workweek.

The Transition from Home to Work

The transition from working from home to working in an office is not easy, but it’s worth all the changes that come with returning to a conventional life. For example, feeling overwhelmed by how much you have missed out on over this past year and worrying about what will happen if another pandemic strikes! And.. with Delta variants and high levels of vaccine hesitancy happening, returning can feel risky.

After a pandemic, the return to work is unprecedented, making it hard for workers and employees alike. Some experts predict that this second transition will be even more complex than the first time around.

Tips to Ease the Transition

Though many companies are returning to the office post-pandemic, the transition may not feel as smooth. Here are 6 tips to help make the transition easier for you:

1. Educate yourself on the company’s health and safety policies. Make sure you understand what is expected of you to keep yourself and others safe.

2. Talk to your manager about your concerns and ask for their guidance on the best approach to the transition.

3. Be patient with yourself and others. Everyone is dealing with different anxiety and stress levels, so cut yourself and others some slack.

4. Try to ease into things gradually if possible. Start with a couple of days in the office, followed by a couple of days working from home. It will help you avoid burnout.

5. Create a routine that works for you. A structure can help reduce stress, so find a way to integrate some into your new working arrangement.

6. Make time for socializing (safely). Whether it’s quick catch-ups at the water cooler or virtual happy hours, staying connected with your colleagues can help you feel less isolated and more supported.

We Are Here to Support Your Transition

Making the transition from working at home to working in an office can be challenging. It may take a while to adjust to a new schedule and routine, and it can be hard to find the motivation to work when you’re not in a traditional office setting. That’s why being a part of a community like Village Workspaces is essential. 

Village Workspaces Community
Interacting with coworkers in person

So if you are feeling anxious about returning to an office environment, consider sharing a workspace with other members who may be experiencing the same thing. The support and camaraderie from other members can make all the difference. And because our community is warm and welcoming, you’ll always feel right as you work from home. Become a part of our Village Community today.